Scan Sentry Picks Average 4% Last Week

//Scan Sentry Picks Average 4% Last Week

Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report July 17

Welcome to Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report. This is Sunday night with stock recommendations from Jan Arps’ Scan Sentry Toolkit for the week beginning July 18.

Last weeks picks did pretty well, both long and short, averaging almost 4% gain each over the week. SGI and SID both exceeded 9% on the short side while EXK gained over 7% for the week on a long position.

This week I performed my scan using the Arps Trend Exhaustion2 indicator at a setting of Sensitivity=5, Resolution=2.5. This identified for me about 30 stocks to examine (out of a pool of around 1500)  which may be near a turning point at one extreme or the other. When I find ‘trend exhaustion’ stocks that are at their extremes, I then typically look for divergences against the Arps Radar1 Fear/Greed Indicator to judge the likelihood of a failure or breakout.   When I find clear divergences I will then look for a cross of the fast and slow lines of the Arps Radar2 Price Acceleration Oscillator in order to confirm and time my entries. This type of a set up is generally a counter-trend trade so be careful fighting the prevailing trend and set your stop no farther than one ATR from the indicated Trend Exhaustion bar. I also picked a few this week which look like they might present the opportunity to follow through from a breakout.

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And now for this weeks stock recommendations….


EOG                CHKP

ROSE              PRGO

CHT                TLAB

May you trade joyfully and profitably,


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