Trend Exhaustion 1

Trend Exhaustion 1


 The TT5 Trend Exhaustion 1 tool uses the Arps Radar 2 Price Acceleration Oscillator to study the nature of price action to recognize internal signals which often lead to price reversals on the chart.


One of Jan Arps’ most popular tools, Radar 2 is based on a proprietary algorithm which looks for subtle changes in the behavior of the price to detect changes in strength or weakness of the trend, which is confirmed by a cross of the FastLens and SlowLens lines.

TE-1 can also be successfully utilized in the manner of many typical oscillators, by monitoring for a cross below or above a user defined overbought or oversold zone. When such conditions exist this Trend Exhaustion tool plots a dot above or below the price and, like all of the Arps Trend Exhaustion tools, it can also send you an alert when it has recognized such an opportunity.

The center range of this oscillator is zero, so the overbought and oversold zones could range from plus or minus 300 to 25 depending on the volatility of the chart.

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