Radar 3 False ShowMe Scanning Toolset

///Radar 3 False ShowMe Scanning Toolset

Radar 3 False ShowMe Scanning Toolset


Arps Radar 3 False ShowMe for charting and scanning for TradeStation and MultiCharts.

This toolset includes both the charting and scanning version of the Arps Radar 3 False Showme. Please click here for more information.


Charting Version

Successful traders have always used trend strength and direction as a part of their trading analysis. This indicator finds anomalies in the Arps Trend Strength indicator (Radar3) to identify potential trend reversals and potential swing trades.
A bullish setup is identified when the Arps Radar 3 Trend Strength indicator crosses below zero while still showing the color that identifies strength. At this point the Arps Radar3 False indicator will plot little crosses on the chart to alert you that the setup is forming. If the color does not change to weakness then a signal dot is generated when the length of the Radar3 histogram bars start to shorten and roll over back in the direction of bullishness. Conversely, a bearish set up is identified when Radar 3 crosses over the zero line while showing the color of weakness. The signal dot is again generated when the histogram bars start to shorten in the direction of bearishness.

Scanning Version- TTB Radar3 False

The scanning version is available for TradeStation and MultiCharts only.
The RadarScreen version of this tool includes some other helpful information. Not only does the TTB Radar3 False indicator show you when a Radar3 False set up is setting up, how many bars ago since a signal fired, and what the percent change has been since the signal fired; but it also plots the actual Radar3 value which is useful for many other types of analysis as well. It also shows what the maximum %gain and %drawdown have been since the signal fired and how many bars it took to reach that maximum and minimum.

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