Radar 2 Price Leader™

Radar 2 Price Leader™


Radar 2 Price LeaderTM is an excellent acceleration-based early warning indicator. This indicator is very useful in all markets and time frames to identify impending changes in direction. A crossover of the red Fast Radar 2TM line over the green Slow Radar 2TM line signals an impending change in direction for the market. Price direction changes are confirmed by a crossover of the Slow Radar 2TM line over the 50 centerline.

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When the oscillator is above the 50 centerline it means that price is still accelerating to the upside. When the oscillator crosses below the 50 centerline it means that price acceleration has reversed and the momentum is now slowing. The greater the prior excursion away from the centerline, the stronger the price move will be in the opposite direction when Radar 2TM “slingshots” back across the centerline.

If you compare the performance of Radar 2TM with other oscillators such as MACD, Stochastics, or RSI, you will see that Radar 2TM calls the turns BEFORE they happen, giving you time to enter your orders before the move picks up momentum.

Not only does the direction of the oscillator change just before major tops and bottoms, but even more importantly, most of the time divergences appear between Radar 2TM and price to confirm the pending change in market direction. This means that it frequently works best if you ignore the first reversal in the oscillator and wait for the second. If the two peaks or valleys in the oscillator show a divergence from the price tops and bottoms, the odds are greatly increased that a major turning point is at hand. Radar 2TM is a powerful trading tool that can lead to consistent profits when used consistently and with trading discipline.

The principal shortcoming of the Radar 2TM oscillator when used alone is that it is so sensitive that it generates signals even on swings in price too small to trade profitably. For this reason, it is advisable to trade primarily on divergences or to filter the signals with other oscillators. One of the best confirming filters is the Radar 1TM oscillator, which looks at the relationship between volume and price to ascertain whether the buyers or the sellers are in charge, and taking Radar 2TM signals only when they are consistent with what Radar 1TM is telling us.

Radar 2TM has three inputs, as follows:

SENSITIV {Adjusts the sensitivity of the oscillator. Optimum values are in the range of 3 to 5.}

OBZONE and OSZONE {Sets the plot levels for an overbought line and an oversold line for those users who find this useful.}

Since Radar 2TM is an unbounded oscillator (no fixed maximum/minimum values) , overbought/oversold levels vary with each chart. The default values for OBZONE and OSZONE have been set at 50, to create a centerline for the oscillator.

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