Pullback 23


Successful traders are constantly looking for the opportune points of entry into the markets, and pullbacks in a trend often present ideal opportunities to get into a trade before it gains or regains too much momentum. These are the opportunities the TT6 PULLBACK 23 is looking for.


This tool monitors any chart in real time, on any time-frame, for a specific combination of forces to be applied to the price action.

It looks from several unique perspectives for those rare occasions when certain patterns are aligned together like a contrapuntal choir of harmonious voices. When this infrequent but synchronous event appears , you are alerted with a ‘Show-Me’ dot on the chart and, if enabled, an alert on your screen or e-mail as well.

These are powerful set-ups which, when they do occasionally come into alignment, provide excellent opportunities for early trend entry or short term profit scalping. The ‘set-up’ also includes an exit indication which you can toggle on or off depending on your trading style.

Early Warning System

A unique feature of this tool is the proprietary Arps “Early Warning System.” This feature issues a warning when a Pullback 23 signal is imminent, but not yet confirmed. The Charting tool plots a small yellow (color user controllable) “+”when a setup is pending. (See the yellow crosses on the chart below). The early warning symbol is located above the bar high if a sell signal is setting up or below the bar low if a buy signal is setting up. If you activate the Alert function, these tools will issue a visual and/or audio alert whenever Setup or Trigger signals are detected.

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