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Arps Triple and Double Bump Divergence ScanningToolkit


For technically-inclined traders, divergence analysis is recognized as one of the most reliable ways to identify the end of a trend and an impending major price reversal.


Incorporating divergence analysis into your trading can greatly improve your odds of capturing the most profitable trading setup—getting onboard early in a new trend. It doesn’t hurt either having a sound methodology to enable you to know when to bank your profits and to cut losers short.

This new scanning tool kit consists of two charting Arps divergence finder tools that look for important divergence patterns and their two corresponding scanning versions (for the TradeStation and MultiCharts scanner)-

1. The Arps/Dorger “Sweet Pea” Divergence Finder– The “Sweet Pea” Deep Dip Triple-bump divergence pattern is our favorite oscillator divergence pattern to trade because it is more likely to occur at the end of a strong trend and solves the problem of false divergence signals that can occur in strongly trending markets.

2. The JADV Deep Dip Double Divergence Finder looks for the second divergence oscillator bump to cross the oscillator’s midline for a reliable divergence pattern signal.

Click HERE to read Jan’s TradersWorld Magazine article, published in the May 2012 edition, on divergence analysis where these two divergence pattern tools are described in detail.

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