Picking Stocks in the USA

//Picking Stocks in the USA

Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report July10

Welcome to Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report. This is Sunday night with stock recommendations from Jan Arps’ Scan Sentry Toolkit for the week beginning July 11… But first, since we got through the recent Fourth of July weekend with lots of festivities and fireworks, please allow me to take a moment to express my love, pride, and concern for the United States Constitution.

I am daily inspired by the revolutionary dreams and accomplishments of men like T. Jefferson., G. Washington, A. Hamilton, B. Franklin, J. Madison and the many others who dared to create a nation wherein people were given the ability to govern themselves… a representative democracy which was established to enhance the general welfare of it’s populace, not just protect and increase the ‘well-being’ of elite and influential families like the historical monarchies. To accomplish this, our founders created a political system which intentionally redirected the fountainhead of political power from its traditional plutocratic sources of accumulated wealth, inheritance, and aristocracy… and attempted to put it into the ‘voices’ of common people like yourself and me.

Our founding fathers (as well as the supportive mothers who participated in the American revolution of the 18th century) would likely be appalled at the current state of political affairs in these United States. I believe they intended our government to represent ‘we the people’. However, the electoral process currently requires so much money and is so obfuscated by media propaganda, that only those politicians supported by millions and sometimes billions of dollars have a chance of becoming representatives.  In this coup of our government by lobbyist dollars even the very definition of ‘person’ has been hijacked. In my humble opinion, and contrary to the recent opinion of the current Supreme Court, a corporation (which is an artificial entity whose sole raison-de-etre is financial profit) was never meant to be equated with ‘persons’ when it comes to political influence; and therefore corporate money was never intended to have the same rights as human beings in the arena of political speech. However, in the recent ‘Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission’ decision the Supreme Court legislated that corporations are persons and that their money is protected by the first amendment right to freedom of speech.  This creates the scenario wherein now it is ‘currency’ (I won’t even say US Dollars) which is being represented in the chambers of Washington DC and in many of our state’s capitols. It seems that the dollars of the lobbyists have drowned out the voices of the common people. Five people in judge’s robes have, in effect, altered the very constitution of our nation in an effort to deliver the political power of this country into the purses of the global elite. By ‘global elite’ I mean the very corporations from which we are buying and selling stocks. In essence, this ruling by those unelected judges has made political bribery not only legal, but necessary!

The United States is a great country founded for the promotion of the general welfare and representation of we the people. As we celebrate our patriotism, let’s please think about how we can reclaim our governance from the corporate ‘persons’ who are currently pulling the strings in our gilded halls of governance. No longer should our representatives govern for the profit of an elite few at the expense of the majority of our nation’s populace.

And now for my stock recommendations….

Longs Shorts

BLL                 AGN

PKD                AON

POT                 SGI

EXK                SID

May the trend be with you,


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