March 2, 2016

//March 2, 2016

Hey friends,

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. Well, that all changes right now. I would like to share what I’m looking for in my trading for tomorrow. I’m trading both stocks and futures so I will post my lists for both. Stocks I hope to hold for 3-20 days, and make 3-10%. The list for futures is simply the direction that my analysis suggests I trade tomorrow. I’ll share my analysis in future posts. For now I am happy to share with you the fruits of my analysis.

I hope it helps.

Here are my stock picks:

Stox 3.2.16

Symbol Long Current Price Set-Up
MRO Long $9.09 Acc/Dist
ESV Long $8.52 Radar1 Divergence
DUK Long $73.88 Volume Analyis
HALO Long $9.72 Radar1 Divegence
AR Long $21.85 Volume Analysis
PYPL Long $39.16 Breakout
TNET Long $13.12 Radar1 Divergence
CCU Long $20.69 volume analysis
QEP Long $10.20 TE1LTR3
GEF Long $26.80 TE1LTR3
O Long $59.04 TE1LTR3
CSX Short $24.50 volume
CZR Short $9.40 stx
DRII Short $21.22 PB-123
TIVO Short $8.43 PB-123
LNCE Short $31.50 TE1LTR3
XRAY Short $60.20 volume analysis
ROST Short $57.74 volume analysis
ATVI Short $32.01 PB-123
FBR Short $10.23 PB-123

Here is my orientation for futures trading.

Mar 3 2016

Symbol                Direction           Current Price

Gold                        Dn               $1,246.00
Corn                        Dn                $357.00
Live Cattle              Dn               $137.00
Euro Currency       Sideways    $1.09
Yen Currency         Sideways    $0.89
S&P                        Up               $1,930.00
NASDQ                  Up                $4,217.00
Crude Oil                Up                $33.73
SoyBeans               Up                $862.50
Copper                   Up                 $2.18
Pritish Pound         Up                $1.40
Aussie Dollar         Up then Dn   $0.73

May The Trend be with you,


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