Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report

//Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report

Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report for Monday March 21

This weekend I attended an excellent seminar presented by ‘Crosshairs Trader’ David Blair ( www.thecrosshairstrader.com ), wherein he preached some of the sacred proscriptions of trading. We all know them, of course: focus, patience, discipline, strategy; and we usually try to trade by them. But for those of us who are human and imperfect (Goldman Sachs’ algorithms excluded), he provided an enlightening and inspiring discourse on some of his revelations and techniques toward trading. I left the meeting feeling inspired that, given an unshakable faith in a verifiable edge and a righteous commitment to the commandments of my money management plan, I could handle the dangerous vipers of the markets and prosper in the glory of an ascending equity curve. Hallelujah!

So, being particularly wary of the general volatility and the uncertain nature of our current market condition, I turned to my Scan Sentry Toolkit to help me try and locate any stocks which may fit the criteria for my own set-ups. The following showed potential for short term entry positions this week.  Remember, the virtues of resolute money management (stop lines and profit parameters) are the difference between life and death in your trading account.

Longs                   Reason

CBR                       Radar1&2, TTT6

CRL                       Radar1&2, PB23

Shorts                  Reason

ICLR                      Radar1&2

EDU                      TTT4, Flg

May the trend be with you,


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