Daughters Dancing and Short Selling

//Daughters Dancing and Short Selling

Welcome to Hawk’s Scan Sentry Report.  This is Sunday night with stock recommendations  for the week of August 22. But first, here’s a little food for thought as a preface to this week’s stock picking ideas.

Today I went to a funeral for one friend and a wedding for another. I watched families I know and strangers I don’t laughing, crying and dancing together. Attending the wedding was a dear friend of mine who has an inoperable tumor growing on his brain; and I watched him dance with his daughters. The daughters don’t really care if he’s on the correct side of the market… they’re simply glad to have the opportunity to dance with their father and celebrate life with him.

Let’s keep these markets in perspective. We all know that trading in these markets can be nerve-wracking, exciting, profitable and dangerous… very time consuming and even addictive. The equities markets look very bearish to me at the moment, right now perhaps the safest long term investment you can make is to dance with your family.

As many of you who have been following this blog for some time may know, I like to scan for (and suggest) both long and short positions in order to be ready for market moves in either direction. This week (as always) I have been scanning the markets for tradable set-ups using the Arps Scan Sentry Toolkit and, honestly, the only trades that are coming up are short trades. There are some inverse ETF’s and some bond fund ETF’s that are presenting themselves as potential  buys; but neither of those instruments really provide a good ‘hedge’ in case we get a bounce in the market this week. Honestly,  even though this may be a good buying opportunity, right now I don’t see any leaders to the upside that I would be willing to trade yet.

Therefor here are some stocks to sell short. I have come by them by performing scans configured with the Arps TTB Pullback23 indicator, the Arps Triple Trender,  and other filters. So, through the laborious efforts of technical analysis made so much easier by the Arps Scan Sentry tools, I have come up with these ideas to look at for ‘short’ entry possibilities for short term swing trade positions.

All of these symbols showed recent signals in the Radar2 Price Acceleration Oscillator.

May the trend be with you,


Here are the picks…








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