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About Custom Programming for Stock Trading Systems

Whether or not you have had custom programming work done before, you owe it to yourself to experience our insightful approach, which we call “Value-Added Programming”. At the core of this technique is our ability to deepen the power of your ideas by drawing upon our many years of experience in both actively trading & implementing as well as testing hundreds of trading concepts and strategies. When traders come to us with an idea, we can often suggest potential ways to significantly broaden and strengthen its potential usability.

Designing your program so that you have the maximum potential time in which to make a trading decision.

Giving your concepts improved flexibility and applicability by suggesting potentially useful input factors and helpful filters to reduce market ‘noise’.

Target almost any kind of situation or to focus on any kind of trend, drawing from our large toolbox of potentially useful techniques developed over the years.

Increasing your ability to cultivate, in real time, a more in-depth understanding of your own concept or strategy and what it is capable of performing. We do this by going beyond simple dots and arrows to give you a more complete picture, and a greater level of control over your strategy or indicator. Accordingly you will be able to use your idea with greater sophistication, and gain greater confidence in the final trading decisions you make. In a nutshell, the way we ‘add value’ to your program is by giving you more functionality, more usability, and more insight – and thus, a better program.

We specialize in both Tradestation’s EasyLanguage and eSignal’s Formula Script (.EFS) programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About custom programming

Describe the process of creating a custom study to my specifications. What do I provide? What do I get?2018-01-18T17:52:59+00:00

You provide a set of exact written rules for the study to follow. If you prefer, you can call or email us to discuss your concept, and we can assist you in creating this set of written rules.

  • We will then offer you a quote to program the project. With this initial quote, we may ask for clarification of important details. If you would like us to consult with you on study details, we may be able to suggest potential improvements to make your program more useful.
  • Once we have a final agreement on the details and cost of the project, we will then program it in accordance with the agreement.
  • The program is guaranteed to work as per the written agreement. If it doesn’t, we will fix it at no extra cost.
Do you ship your work as a ready-to-use file?2018-01-03T11:18:16+00:00

Your study will be provided as a file which can be directly utilized by your trading platform. This file can be transferred into your trading library by simply importing it or placing it in the correct directory – we will send you instructions with the completed program. Your study will be delivered to you either on diskette or as an e-mail attachment.

How do I benefit from your experience in having created hundreds of trading tools?2018-01-03T11:17:31+00:00

First, my tools can help you make more money. Second, my experience can save you time and money. Finally, at the risk of sounding immodest, I’m a very experienced programmer and a successful trader in my own right with more than 40 years’ trading experience.

How do we get started?2018-01-03T11:16:58+00:00

Send a written description of your programming project to We will follow the process described above to generate a firm quote for your program, guaranteed to work in accordance with the written description. If you accept our proposal, you will then need to send us a credit card number, your address and a telephone number. We do charge 50% of the fee upfront and the remaining 50% upon satisfactory completion.

How do you charge for your services?2018-01-03T11:16:17+00:00

Most of our custom work is done for a fixed price, guaranteed to work in accordance with the written agreement for the assignment. At times we will do open-ended work at a mutually agreed-upon hourly or daily rate. We do charge 50% upfront and the remaining 50% on completion.

How long have you been developing trading software?2018-01-03T11:13:18+00:00

I have been developing and writing trading systems and indicators since 1960.

I know you have been in business a long time and probably have seen it all but should I request some custom programming or review of an idea or strategy, does the product remain my intellectual property?2018-01-03T11:12:31+00:00

Any custom code we write becomes the property of the customer and at his request we can keep it confidential and sign a non-disclosure agreement. You must be aware, however, that this applies only to truly original concepts that have not been published before or are not already part of our library.

I want to create some TradeStation strategies. If I obtain a TradeStation indicator, may I copy the code into a new strategy or is it source protected?2018-01-03T11:07:11+00:00

The code is source protected. However, most of our tools have User Functions available at an additional cost of $125 that you can utilize to incorporate into your own custom strategies.

What kind of documentation do you provide with your studies?2018-01-03T11:06:33+00:00

We provide documentation explaining how to use the study, along with an explanation of any inputs, typical input values, and loading instructions.