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Arps Trading Tools  provides trading tools from a vast library of world-renowned proprietary technical analysis software to serious traders around the globe.

We also provide custom programming services to help the creative trader manifest his/her own trading ideas. We are well versed in programming in EFS for eSignal, EasyLanguage for MultiCharts and TradeStation, and Ninja Script for Ninja Trader. Arps Trading Tools was founded by internationally recognized trading guru Jan Arps in 1994 and has been a stalwart since that time in an industry fraught with ‘fly-by-night’ companies that have come and gone.

Our Story

Arps Trading Tools is a family owned/operated business based on the premise that we are here to serve the needs of commercial and retail traders worldwide by providing superior trading analysis tools. Originally established in 1994 as Jan Arps’ Traders’ Toolbox, we have earned a reputation for creating high caliber analytical tools and providing honest first-class customer service.

The company was founded by Jan Arps who learned the art of trading at his own father’s knee; helping him calculate moving averages and risk/reward ratios on a slide-rule as a teenager. After graduating from Cal Tech, Jan helped finance his MBA at Harvard using the trading skills he had learned from his engineer dad. After a fruitful career as a petroleum engineer,  an entrepreneur and an institutional broker Jan was contracted by Wells Wilder in the early 1990’s to program into the burgeoning on-line trading platforms many of Wells’ best known indicators and trading theories. Capturing the attention of professional traders across the globe, the demand for Jan’s own technical indicators and trading skills ballooned and inspired him to establish Jan Arps’ Traders’ Toolbox. The reputation of his tools grew to the point where some of his best known indicators were built into several popular trading platforms including the Bloomberg, eSignal, and MultiCharts.

As Jan Arps’ Traders’ Toolbox grew Jan recruited his son, Hawk Arps, to help out. Hawk, who started programming for his father and grand-father in the mid-1970’s, was an agile student of the markets and learned technical analysis and trading techniques from his father. Working alongside Jan for a decade, Hawk eventually contributed many of his own trading ideas and signals into the vast library of Arps tools.

Now the business has been officially passed on to Hawk Arps, the third generation of Arps traders, and is known as Arps Trading Tools. Based on the principle that service to the trading community is our reason for existing, we invite you to join the international family of Arps traders and see how superior technical analysis tools can help improve your chances in the universe of financial markets.

Today, Arps Trading Tools has clients from around the world who ask us to convert sophisticated trading concepts into trading solutions. In addition to having created an impressive array of original trading studies, Arps Trading Tools has also translated the published concepts of many great traders. We offer a library of hundreds of studies to traders worldwide.

Arps Trading Tools is uniquely qualified to help individual traders as well as trading companies find or make the tools they need to help make money in the markets – tools that traders immediately recognize as having been created by “one of us”.


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