• Arps Moving Average Pullback Signal Dot

    Designed to help identify qualified pullbacks to a set of moving averages. Uses three user-defined averages to identify and qualify the pullback opportunities. Shows separate signals for pullbacks to fast and slow moving averages.

  • Arps Volume Heat

    A versatile volume analysis indicator which eliminates distortion from extreme volume spikes and identifies different degrees of volume intensity by displaying standard deviations of an average volume. Includes color-coded volume divergence analysis as well. Please click here for PDF documentation on this tool.

  • Arps Consolidation Breakout

    The Arps Consolidation Breakout Tool identifies consolidation areas on a price chart by painting the bars a distinctive color. It also attempts to predict the direction of the breakout by plotting a colored dot on the chart. Red dots predict breakouts to the downside, green dots predict breakouts to the upside, and gray dots are plotted when the tool is not sure about the direction of the next breakout. Inputs are provided to control the colors of the dots and bars.

  • Pro Stop™

    This is a highly effective volatility-based adaptive trailing stop which captures the majority of the position profit while minimizing whipsaws. The input value, “STOPSENS”, adjusts the probability for the next bar’s expected range to stay within the limits projected by the stop algorithm. It is usually best to determine this sensitivity value empirically by experimenting to find the best value which keeps the stop point just out of range of the typical pullbacks in price within the trend. Typically, we find that an input value range between 1.5 to 5 works well, with the smaller value giving a closer stop.

  • 3 Black Crows

    3 Successive falling bodies

  • Synthetic VWAP

    This charting indicator calculates a synthetic Volume Weighted Average Price from a user-defined number of lookback bars or a user-defined start time. It then draws standard deviation bands around the synthetic VWAP creating channel analysis. Please click here for PDF documentation about this tool.

  • Accumulation Distribution Signal Dot

    The Arps Accumulation/Distribution signal dot identifies  bars on your chart which display patterns that are commonly identified with institutional accumulation or distribution activity. This is especially helpful when these signals occur at areas of support and resistance on the chart.

  • Arps Moving Average Pullback Charting and Scanning Set

    Designed to help identify qualified pullbacks to a set of moving averages. Includes a signal-dot indicator for charting applications and a scanning indicator for spreadsheet analysis (TS RadarScreen, eSignal Watchlist, MultiCharts Scanner) and for scanning operations. Spreadsheet analysis includes how many bars since the qualified pullback ( zero is the most recent completed bar), percent change since the signal, and indications whether the pullback was to a fast or slow moving average.

  • TTB Auto Divergence Finder

    The TTB AUTODIV 2.2 tool is designed as a companion piece to the TT4 AUTODIV 2.2 charting tool. It integrates the powerful indications of price/oscillator divergence analysis into the scanning process, providing an indication of recent pivot and trend divergence occurrences on your list of stocks, futures, indexes, or currencies . It is very robust in that it not only works on any time-frame or trading instrument, but you can use it with any oscillator, public or proprietary, that you have in your library.

  • NinjaTrader 8 Upgrade

    This will pay for delivery for the NinjaTrader-8 charting/trading platform of any Arps indicator that you already own for NinaTrader-7.

  • Arps Scan Sentry Toolkit

    Designed specifically for traders who follow a large list of stocks, futures, or forex symbols, the Arps Scan Sentry™ Toolkit combines some of Jan Arps’ best proprietary technical analysis indicators with powerful spreadsheet analysis to help identify relative trend strength, trend exhaustion, and high probability trade set-ups.

  • Volume/Tick Bar Essentials

    If like Jan and Hawk, you like to use volume based or tick based bars, then you will need these two essential tools: TT7 Volume Bar Speedometer, TT7 Volume Bar Tick Counter