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  • Arps Volume Heat

    A versatile volume analysis indicator which eliminates distortion from extreme volume spikes and identifies different degrees of volume intensity by displaying standard deviations of an average volume. Includes color-coded volume divergence analysis as well. Please click here for PDF documentation on this tool.

  • Arps Moving Average Pullback Signal Dot

    Designed to help identify qualified pullbacks to a set of moving averages. Uses three user-defined averages to identify and qualify the pullback opportunities. Shows separate signals for pullbacks to fast and slow moving averages.

  • Radar 3 Trend Index™

    This exciting new oscillator from Traders Toolbox gives the user a clearer insight into the inner workings of the markets. The plot is a magenta/blue histogram of a proprietary triple smoothed overbought-oversold oscillator. When the bars are blue and above the centerline, the trend is up. Magenta bars above the centerline indicate a pullback in an uptrend. When the bars are magenta and below the centerline, the trend is down. Blue bars below the centerline indicate a pullback in a downtrend.

  • Radar 2 Price Leader™

    Radar 2 Price LeaderTM is an excellent acceleration-based early warning indicator. This indicator is very useful in all markets and time frames to identify impending changes in direction. A crossover of the red Fast Radar 2TM line over the green Slow Radar 2TM line signals an impending change in direction for the market. Price direction changes are confirmed by a crossover of the Slow Radar 2TM line over the 50 centerline.

  • Arps Trender™

    When the trend is up, the Arps TrenderTM plots a blue line below the price bars. When the trend is down it plots a red line above the price bars.

  • Radar 1 Fear/Greed Indicator™

    RADAR 1TM is a histogram which compares the relationship between price changes and volume changes to measure the ratio of buying strength to selling strength. This tells us whether the Bulls or the Bears are in control at any particular point in time. It is an excellent oscillator for divergence analysis and for identifying trend persistence, and works in real time on charts in any time frame, either intrabar or end-of-bar.

  • Arps Triple Trender™

    The Arps Triple Trender tool gives you the power to Trade with the Trend in the equivalent of three different time frames: long, intermediate, and short. The Triple Trender consists of a short-term Trender, a medium-term Trender, and a long-term Trender, all running on the chart at the same time. The user should enter a position only when the short, medium and long-term trends are all in agreement.

  • Pullback 23

    Successful traders are constantly looking for the opportune points of entry into the markets, and pullbacks in a trend often present ideal opportunities to get into a trade before it gains or regains too much momentum. These are the opportunities the TT6 PULLBACK 23 is looking for.

  • Trend Exhaustion 1

     The TT5 Trend Exhaustion 1 tool uses the Arps Radar 2 Price Acceleration Oscillator to study the nature of price action to recognize internal signals which often lead to price reversals on the chart.

  • Synthetic VWAP

    This charting indicator calculates a synthetic Volume Weighted Average Price from a user-defined number of lookback bars or a user-defined start time. It then draws standard deviation bands around the synthetic VWAP creating channel analysis. Please click here for PDF documentation about this tool.

  • AutoDiv™ Universal Divergence Tool

    When an oscillator valley is shallower than its predecessor while the price corresponding to the most recent oscillator valley is lower than the price corresponding to the previous oscillator valley, a “normal” diverging condition has occurred which generally signals an imminent price reversal to the upside.

  • Pullback 23 Scanning Set of Tools

    This powerful tool set includes both the charting and scanning versions of the Arps Pullback 23 indicator. The scanning tool allows you to scan any large symbol list of your choice for recent Pullback 23 signals and then go directly to the chart to view the signal with the charting indicator. For pdf documentation with more information please click here .